Vulkan – Why isn’t not more commonly used?

So finally got round to playing Wolfenstein 2, first of all what a great game so far, really enjoying it but anyway… it got me thinking. Vulkan API why is it not more commonly used? After playing Doom 2016 also it seems to really get the best out of your hardware. I’ve been playing on […]

fellow multiplayer players, how do you deal with off or bad days?

Some days, i feel very sharp mentally and my muscle memory is very good. Other days, i just feel slow and sluggish and i cant even do the most basic plays. I dont really like this inconsistency, its like rolling a dice everyday. I analyze my gameplay and mistakes, its just a feeling of ‘watching […]

PSA: Windows Game Bar is actualy a kinda nice feature

If you press Windows + G it opens windows game bar which lets you see RAM, CPU, and GPU usage along with a volume mixer to control application’s volume and more. You can toggle all the features and move them around which is nice. ​ It’s simple but I really appreciate it for the volume […]

Tetris Effect PC Port has Problems

I ran into the following release day problems with Tetris Effect: 1. Removed DS4/PS4 controller support, OK fine I will launch EGS through Steam as a “non-Steam game” as a workaround for Xinput emulation. 2. No Seated Game support in SteamVR. I can tell that it is configured as a standard standing/roomscale game because my […]

Petition to broaden gambling’s legal definition in the UK to close the loot box loophole

Petition to broaden gambling's legal definition in the UK to close the loot box loophole

Click this link to sign the petition: []( petition details: Broaden gambling’s legal definition to include purchases that provide randomized digital items even if they do not have monetary value, Currently video game company’s avoid their predatory loot boxes being defined as gambling on the technicality that items received can’t be redeemed for money despite […]

Thoughts on alternate FPS control layouts?

So long story short my shift key is unusable. Completely dead. No response. This prompted me to start looking into something I’d been considering for a while, that being changing my keyboard layout for shooters. First thought was ESDF, naturally, but it felt awkward having my pinky so close to the rest of the controls […]

GamePass and First Party MS Titles

I just wanted to know from you guys who have an Xbox One or X or S – do you use it as much as before now that you have gamepass on PC? I don’t see myself playing Xbox so much due to Gamepass on PC and Gears 5 coming to PC as well. Let […]

RTX 2080 Super reviews are live

RTX 2080 Super reviews are live

|Specs|RTX 2080 Super|RTX 2080| :–|:–|:–| |CUDA Cores|3072|2944| |ROPs|64|64| |Core Clock|1650MHz|1515MHz| |Boost Clock|1815MHz|1710MHz| |Memory Clock|15.5Gbps GDDR6|14Gbps GDDR6| |Memory Bus Width|256-bit|256-bit| |VRAM|8GB|8GB| |Single Precision Perf.|11.1 TFLOPS|10.1 TFLOPS| |TDP|250W|215W| |GPU|TU104|TU104| |Transistor Count|13.6B|13.6B| |Architecture|Turing|Turing| |Manufacturing Process|TSMC 12nm “FFN”|TSMC 12nm “FFN”| |Launch Date|7/23/2019|9/20/2018| |Launch Price|*$699 *|*$699 *​  | Reviews: [Anandtech](, [GamersNexus](, [Tom’s Hardware](,6243.html), [Guru3D](,1.html), [PCWorld]( TL;DR: Slightly better than a […]

The Red Dead Redemption Remake Is Fake

The guy who made the original post in r/gamingleaksandrumors told us that he basically just made it up. But you never know with Rockstar but this “rumor” is fake. [Source]( Edit: Wrong subreddit at first. View Reddit by kabbzter – View Source

Humble Bundle pricing (misleading)

Just browsing Humble Bundle today and saw some great bargains, and thought I’d take advantage. The prices are listed in Australian Dollars (aka Dollarydoos) so this is great … I don’t have to worry about converting from $US. I then think, “Screw it. I’ll just get the subscription … seems like great value at twelve […]

What Are You Playing Thread – July 23, 2019

[Previous Threads]( *** Use this thread to discuss whatever you’ve been playing lately (old or new, AAA or indie). Don’t just list the names of games as your entire post, make sure to elaborate with your thoughts on the games. > Make sure to use spoiler tags if you’re posting anything about a game’s plot […]

Dumpster Diving Game

Dumpster Diving Game

I’ve spent the last 11 months developing this game all on my own and thought you guys might enjoy it! In Dumpster Diving Game, you roam around the map dumpster diving stores and re-selling the items you found at a pawn shop. With the money earned, you can buy various things and upgrades, such as a […]

Simple Questions Sunday!

For those questions that don’t feel worthy of a whole new post. This thread is posted weekly on Sundays (adjustments made as needed). View Reddit by AutoModerator – View Source