Does anyone feel that Gta 4 is the underrated game in the GTA series?

Does anyone feel that Gta 4 is the underrated game in the GTA series?

I feel that the shooting and driving mechanism is much better than Gta 5. This [Video]( explains my point very well. ​ P.S: Jump to [13.55]( in the video. Gta 5 certainly realistic in that 😉 ​ View Reddit by poopatron123 – View Source

The Curse of Loving a Niche Video Game

– It doesn’t get loved or mentioned by the majority of gamers. – It doesn’t get crossovered or included in another video game. – You rarely find someone to nerd talk to about it. – There isn’t enough or any merchandise for it. – It gets overshadowed by more popular games of the same genre. […]

What loot-system is best for multiplayer games?

In multiplayer games, it can sometimes be a pain finding the items you’re looking for, especially when you need to share treasure with your teammates. Different games have different loot systems. Some games have fastest-to-grab. Some games have duplicated treasure for everyone. Some games have treasures for everyone, but everyone can get something different. Some […]

Anti gravity game name?

A while back I saw a trailer for an upcoming game. In the trailer there was a woman running inside a cement building with a pistol. Suddenly, gravity would become suspended and she’d start floating. And then the building she was in would star to collapse. Does anyone know what the name for this game […]

Yoshi’s Curse Theory

What if when Mario/Luigi pushes Yoshi down a pit, Yoshi doesn’t die but gets transported to a different dimension inside a egg untill Mario/Luigi hits another question block releasing him. It is stated at the beginning of the game that Bowser trapped him in a egg when he tried to save his friends. Maybe when […]

No audio on cs source after setting up cfg

Hey guys, i ran into a problem with my cs source the other day after setting up a config, all my in game audio on source is gone. I’m not sure what happened as the audio files are all sill there and i didn’t touch those, all i did was add an autoexec.cfg into the […]

Most evil antagonists in video games?

Villains and bosses get my interest more than the protagonists and most good guys in games and movies. I want to know the most truly evil enemies and bosses in games. Edit: Most people are just memeing, while I’m fine with that on the most part, this was a serious question. Can you please be […]

Favorite games to watch?

What are your favorite games to watch and how long do you watch them. Just kinda curious as too what games you enjoy! Ill say we love to play rocket leauge , portal knights, need for speed, forza! But i know i cant watch any of them for a long period. View Reddit by Nerdmigo5 […]

I’m writing an essay, and making a power point presentation for my art class’ final for a topic I chose, “video games as an art form”. I have some ideas about what to do but i’d like to hear ideas for games or topics to bring up from you guys!

Like stated. I have some games and developers i wish to mention, but what games, developers, companies, artists, etc. would YOU mention in a video game as art research paper and presentation! View Reddit by icemario25 – View Source

Cool game challenge

Hey guys. I’ve just had an idea that i’m testing out as a game challenge. Many of you on pc may have heard of the program called Cheat Engine. Technically it is made for cheating in games but a cool feature is the ability to speed up how fast they run. This is commonly used […]

Given how many game studios we keep hearing about that overstress and dick around their employees, cover up scandals etc, do you think there are any AAA studios that were genuinely good places to work, and make for good memories for their workforce, even years later?

‘Just got done watching Lindsay Ellis’ videos on the Hobbit movies. She discusses in the second video about how the mood on set was so much more dismally corporately-led than it had been on LOTR, and it just got me thinking about if the game studio has an equivalent of this. We’ve heard about plenty […]

I would like to say, G2A is a joke.

About 6 days ago, i made a purchase on their website for Stellaris. Today I’ve found out that it has been removed from my steam account because the seller of the product has some issues on their side. I tried contacting G2A about this issue and i tried to issue a ticket to the […]

Gaming Glasses?

Hey everyone Was wondering what everyone’s opinion on gaming glasses were. I work in front of a computer for 8-10hrs a day and play video games occasionally weekdays, more so weekends. Any recommendations? Thanks in advanced View Reddit by elopez115 – View Source

Playing Game of Thrones Telltale. Theories on what would have happened?

Since we will never get a season 2 to this awesome game. I wanna brainstorm what you guys think would have been next? What’s your theories about everything. – What’s the significance of the North Grove and what role would it have played – What’s the fate of Mira (If she’s alive) and the significance […]

Is it worth playing borderlands for the first time in 2019?

Iv been looking for a single player game to get into lately, and Iv been considering trying out borderlands. Iv never played any of them, but I think it might be a good idea after seeing all the hype for #3. I know its a bit older now, so my question for the borderlands veterans […]

Game idea based on “Gamer” movie.

The idea behind the game would be that you’re controlling a character that knows it’s being controlled. They are people who volunteered for money or were forced by a prison sentence to become a character. They have their own thoughts and feelings and react during the game as such. The game would be an RPG […]

I’m bored

Hey gang. I’m bored. I’m 30 years old an I love video games. But lately i haven’t found something to blow my mind and make feel excited to play. Like I remember being absolutely stoked playing Diablo, FF7, everquest, star craft, heroes of MM, tf2. But lately games are only really holding my attention for […]

Recommendation: Nioh or Sekiro?

Hey everyone, I did a quick search to see if this had already come up, but it appears it hasn’t (or likely I’m blind). Can someone who has played both Nioh and Sekiro offer some insight into which they prefer? I absolutely adored Dark Souls 3 and completed the base game and DLC. I bought […]

[NSFW] Subverse cinematic trailer

[NSFW] Subverse cinematic trailer

StudioFOW presents “Subverse” – a kinky new Sci-Fi RPG where you get a harem of beautiful alien babes onboard your very own starship. kickstarter: View Reddit by OvidiuHiei – View Source

First PC ever, what games must i play?

Hello Reddit! I’m hooking my friend up with a gaming PC! He’s only ever owned a console so he hasn’t played a single PC game to day but he’s eager to get started. I got him set up with a steam account and he has money to spend! What games should i recommend that he […]

Conan exiles

What are people’s thoughts on this game? Might give it a download and see for myself if people give good feedback. View Reddit by shaymo18 – View Source

Just a crazy idea of how a more open world Pokémon game would work.

Just a crazy idea of how a more open world Pokémon game would work.

So I think we’ve all seen [this]( image by now of a breath of the wild es Pokémon game. It’s a pipe dream but who doesn’t want that kinda game to come out. And I think a game like that obviously couldn’t use the turn based combat if Pokémon were wandering out in the open. […]

Thank You Gamers!

My first thank you goes to the gamers who check this post out! Thank You! I am an individual who has mental disorders that really just keep me from interacting with others for extended periods of time. In gaming, this means I’m always playing with randoms. So I feel like expressing my gratitude to my […]

The State of Epic Games

As I have followed the Epic Games Launcher kerfuffle, coming to (even more of) a head with the Borderlands 3 announcement, I would like to offer my opinion. I welcome those who can convince me to alter it. Let me start by saying what does not really bother me. 1) **Exclusivity Deals.** I don’t like […]

RPG type game suggestions?

So, I downloaded The Technomancer a couple of days ago. Usually I wouldn’t bother, as the free games (GwG) are rarely any good. It had mixed reviews but I gave it the benefit of the doubt and I’m not disappointed. The game itself is definitely worthy of the mixed reviews, I won’t review it now […]