What about gtx 1060 in Alienware M15???

coupled with 144 hz screen and 16 gigs of ram ,I just ordered it since it came in my budget ,but worrying about the things discussed here like it’s utter waste to buy a 1060 6 GB now ,go and buy 2060 rtx models ,I am looking for next 3 years gameplay will I be […]

Battlefront 2 (Proper)

Any one else just over flowing with joy since Xbox gave us good ol’ Battlefront 2 (2006) for free?? Done about 3 gactic conquests already. Understandable but a shame they couldn’t put it back online….EA THIS is a starwars game. Just perfection. For the Empire!! View Reddit by JackRayJenkins – View Source

Are there keyboards that are quiet when I type?

I play WoW as a healer and not gonna lie, it feels as if the neighbour below me can probably hear me. But the game is intense, you have to play quick and hard (lol) like most games. View Reddit by Sindravaska – View Source

Ain’t that much of an overreaction for BL3 being an epic games store exclusive for 6 months? Especially if it’s because they can make more profit from it because they take less from sales (not sure if that’s why they’ve done that)!

Ain’t that much of an overreaction for BL3 being an epic games store exclusive for 6 months? Especially if it’s because they can make more profit from it because they take less from sales (not sure if that’s why they’ve done that)! View Reddit by FawazDovahkiin – View Source

What’s a good game to follow up Subnautica?

I’ve recently finished up my playthrough of Subnautica and it was such an amazing experience and time that I’m finding that my current games just aren’t ‘scratching the itch’ so to speak. Can anyone suggest to me a game that is similar in nature that I can jump into? Even if it’s simply an amazing […]

What’s the most OP item you’ve unlocked in a game?

Re4= resident evil 4 Re7= resident evil 7 Just as the title asks, what is the most OverPowered item you have unlocked in a game. NOT ANYTHING YOU CAN BUY, it HAS to be unlocked by dedication and trial and error. And be worth it. My personal picks are actually from Resident Evil games, and […]

Why epic vs steam is such a big deal?

I’m a console player and I don’t understand this at all… Why pc gamers are so annoyed that some games are epic exlusive, you can still play those games, but you have to buy them in different place… View Reddit by Vilem_Galahad – View Source

Best headphones for Xbox AND PC?

Good morning all! I am trying to find a good set of headphones to use for both my Xbox and PC. I am slowly transitioning to PC gaming, and would love a wireless set of headphones for that, but I would like something that I can use with an optional 3.5 mm jack on my […]

Can we get some proof of Epic stealing and selling information?

I’m not trying to defend Epic. Personally I dislike the store and won’t be using it. I also understand the arguments against it, but I’ve heard the argument of them selling information constantly and no actual substantial proof. I’ve seen some information be posted pertaining to it but it’s mostly been debunked. Also, I don’t […]

What is the best Coop game you ever played ?

I played many coop games but I guess my favorites were Portal 2 and Ghost Recon Wildlands. By the way I’m talking about strictly coop games with a story, not massive online games. View Reddit by VoiduMarketing – View Source

Dreams and games.

Hey, gamer guys and gals! Lately I finished Red Dead Redemption 2 a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it. It left a lasting impression on me. I’ve been noticing a lot the last few months how my dreams are particularly more vivid and are being affected by the games I play. What I mean […]

The best sleeping remedy a game has ever given me.

Soo, this is more of a story then anything, but it involves the Call of Duty series. The game in question that I played was Black Ops 2. When I was playing multiplayer on the game, I actually got so bored that I fell asleep, but it was short lived considering that a kid screamed […]

Does anyone remember the retro game (can’t remember the system either PS1, PS2, N64 or GameCube) where you play as a character with green or pink hair that climbs up vines, jumps on houses and stuff, etc.

I played it as a little kid and I honestly can’t remember the name. My brother has no clue either. I can’t even remember the point of the game but I miss it and it’s driving me crazy. Edit: You guys are everything 😭😭😭 thank you so much View Reddit by OopsIForgotLol – View Source

Can you find a game that will make me cry?

For all the years of gaming I’ve never cried because of a game. Not in The Walking Dead, The Last Of Us, not even Metal Gear 4. Please help me find a game that will make me cry. Consider this a challenge in a way. View Reddit by ianthescout115 – View Source

sekiro save

hello , can anyone help with a save before owl dialogue choice? (steam version) , thank you View Reddit by bloodindark – View Source

Suggestions for 144 hz monitor

So I am planning to buy a monitor for mostly gaming purpose . Any suggestions for a nice 144 Hz monitor . Not too high budget though xD . View Reddit by Pravin_Rawat – View Source

Which one ????

I am thinking of getting a gaming laptop for 1000 or little over 1000 . So far I found 3 laptops . Acer helios 300 Asus gl503 ROG Asus fx504gd. Asus rog strix . The 1000 one Which one do you think I should get???? Or any other suggestions View Reddit by Terrarian612 – View […]

Miracle City (At least that’s the name I remember)

Hi. I’m new to reddit. I’ve been looking for a game for years that me and my sister used to play. It was some CD game that I can’t remember the name to. Before, I was sure it was a game called “Miracle City” (at least that’s what I remember). Nothing special, certainly wasn’t anything […]

Bethesda thought process question

I’ve been trying to figure this out for a little while now, but why would Bethesda have teased TES VI when the release date is still so far off. Wouldn’t it have been better to wait until it was a little closer? I mean hell its not even unreasonable to think it could take a […]

How do I create a Minecraft server?

I want to create a Java Minecraft Server so I can play survival with my friends, is there a simple way I can create one or just invite my friends to a game? If I can, how do I do it? View Reddit by skyb0und – View Source

GTA Car Meets.

I feel like GTA car meets are dead now, I haven’t seen one in months i’ve been trying to find community’s but I can’t find anything. If anyone has info on how to find them please let me know. I really hope this could be brought back especially with all the new cars. View Reddit […]

Is it worth it?

I never played a borderlands game ever should I play them in 2019 ? I really wanna get into it View Reddit by RadUnicornn – View Source

Is persona 5 worth the money?

I’ve always loved persona games but I don’t have a PlayStation 4 to play it. So I was wondering if it was worth saving up for me to get! Thanks for responding! View Reddit by Metalunicorn18 – View Source

Risen 3, games alike?

Please suggest me some games like Risen 3 – Titan Lord. I loved that game so much. Edit: Features like, choosing some specific side for the war or something like that really interests me. Third Person Open World games, where I get to choose dialogue options and choises matters. This is the kind of game […]

Broke gamer here. Is Skyrim VR for ps4 worth the money?

Broke gamer here. Is Skyrim VR for ps4 worth the money? I don’t have any VR peripherals, and it seems like a big investment. I haven’t read any reviews really tailored to the game buyer who waits years for games they want to drop in price. ✌🏻😗 View Reddit by Nakjee – View Source

I need to do a proyect onf the Most infuential game of the last five years (2014-2019), the requirments are that it needs to have a big legacy and most have changed the industry/culture in an important way. What game would you choose?

I have to choose only one game from all f the amazing experiences from the last few years. Im leaning hard on choosing the Witcher 3 (Favoritism probably) From the research other games that really pop up: – Undertale – Doom – Wolfenstein – God of War – Breath of the Wild – The Phantom […]

What’s the game of this PC game from the 90s?

Used to play this game on the classroom computer. Old 8-bit stuff. Your character was literally just a rectangle. One level I vividly remember was having to dodge an alligator who would bite pieces off you. Don’t remember much else other than we played it every chance we got. Anyone have any idea what I’m […]

Nintendo Theme Park

Just got back from Disneyland with the fam & thought while I was there, “man a nintendo version of this would be 10000 better.” I can’t believe there isn’t one. I’ll bet there are as many diehard nintendo fans as Disney. It would be a money maker. View Reddit by endlessloads – View Source

The future of PS5

Okay, so I know it’s too soon to talk about the upcoming 9th gen consoles, but I do wanna share with you with ideas, whether you agree or not. But opinion matters. So the topic is simple: what do we want or don’t want for the PlayStation 5. What I want: – Backwards Comparable from […]

Just started Heavy Rain the other day.

https://i.redd.it/l10qysv116q21.jpg Really liking it so far. I completed Detroit: Become Human a few months ago and wanted to go back to experience the rest of the Quantic Dream trilogy. I missed out on Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls initially due to my allegiance to the Xbox 360 at the time. So far, I love […]

I Dream of a Large Scale Team Based First Person Shooter for Console.

When you talk about games with large player counts in a single session, several can come to mind. You have the likes of hardcore PC games like Arma and Squads. You have Battle Royales, which throw hundreds of players against each other in a furball of fireteams or individuals. Or, you have Battlefield, which has […]

Horror games suggestions

As the title states, I’m looking for some new horror games to play. Im sure this has been posted before, but here I am. Mind you I’ve played a lot of titles related to horror (Alien Isolation, the Outlast series, Dead Space, Resident Evil series just to name a few.) If y’all have any other […]

Who doesn’t care about BL3 going to the Epic Store?

I for one just don’t really care, I’m going to buy the game regardless and I’d rather not wait the 6 months. I think it’s safe to say that the majority of people who say they are going to vote with their wallets are still going to buy the game on launch day through the […]

Why Is Final Fantasy VIII always skipped over?

From Wikipedia: “Final Fantasy VIII was mostly well received by critics, who praised its originality and visuals while criticizing some of its gameplay elements. It was voted the 22nd-best game of all time in 2006 by readers of the Japanese magazine Famitsu. The game was a commercial success; it earned more than US$50 million in […]