The State of Epic Games

As I have followed the Epic Games Launcher kerfuffle, coming to (even more of) a head with the Borderlands 3 announcement, I would like to offer my opinion. I welcome those who can convince me to alter it. Let me start by saying what does not really bother me. 1) **Exclusivity Deals.** I don’t like […]

RPG type game suggestions?

So, I downloaded The Technomancer a couple of days ago. Usually I wouldn’t bother, as the free games (GwG) are rarely any good. It had mixed reviews but I gave it the benefit of the doubt and I’m not disappointed. The game itself is definitely worthy of the mixed reviews, I won’t review it now […]

Hi, I’m a Russian linguistics student and you can help me with my gaming-related graduate thesis by remembering specific elements in videogames.

Hi again! I’m a Russian student and I’m studying translation and interpreting at the university of linguistics. So I’ve decided to write my final thesis (not sure if this is a thing outside of Russia, but there is probably something similar) on the key aspects of videogame translation and adaptation. And I would really appreciate […]