Hi all,

We have made an update to the TeamSpeak rules for the server.

They are posted in the TeamSpeak Rules channel near the top of the TeamSpeak server, please read and familiarise yourself with them, IGNORANCE is not an excuse and we will deal with you accordingly.

For anyone struggling I will post below;

The Rules Are As Follows

Please be aware that this community is based on respect. In order to ensure that respect for all

members is maintained, we ask that you read, understand and abide by the following rules.



These Rules apply in ALL Public Channels

1. You are expected to be tolerant of the views of others – Do not flame other members simply because they do not share the same opinion as you.

2. Insulting, demeaning and arguing with other members will not be tolerated. This includes text chats.

3. Sexual and Pornographic content is strictly forbidden on this TS server. This type of content MUST NOT be shared in channel chats, private chats and in channel file browsers. Those violating this rule will be liable to a permanent ban.

4. Swearing is permitted, however you must not cuss out other members. If you are asked to watch your language, please do so.

5. Soundboards are permitted in public channels, but they must not create annoyance or any nuisance. If you are asked to stop using your soundboard by a Manager or an Admin, please do so. If asked to stop using a soundboard, the continued use and transmission of material from a soundboard over a microphone will see you dealt with by an admin accordingly this applies to all members.

6. Pick a channel and stick to it. Repeatedly changing channels in a short period of time is forbidden

These rules apply in Gaming Channels ONLY

7. In Gaming Channels, members who are playing that particular game have priority. Please be respect the fact that these members may be communicating with each other in game. If you are asked to leave or quieten down, please do so – no offence is intended!

8. Where channels are marked Do Not Disturb (DND), you MUST NOT enter that channel. If you would like to enter, ask a Manager or Admin to check with the players that this is ok.

9. Please do not hound Game Managers to join teams. Check the ‘How-to’ on the Forums.

10. Please check any game rules which may have been set by the Game Manager.

These Rules apply to Streaming Channels

11. When you speak in an ‘on air’ Streaming Channel, you are representing the community.

Your conduct in these channels MUST NOT bring the community into disrepute.

12. Only enter a Streaming Channel if you have the permission of the Streamer.

These Rules apply to Private Channels

13. Private Channels are Private Spaces. You MUST NOT enter these channels without the permission of the owner. This Rule still applies even if the owner has not password-protected their channel.

a. The only exception is where the owner has produced a list of members who may enter their channel as of right. If a waiting room is provided, please wait in there until you are invited in.

b. This Rule applies to all Staff. However, Staff may enter a Private Channel without the permission of the owner in order to perform Admin duties.

14. The owners of Private Channels may set their own rules for their channels. If owners wish to make their own rules, they must post them in the channel description of their Channel.

a. If no altered/additional rules are provided in the channel description, it will be assumed that the rules applicable to Public Channels will apply.

15. If you are channel-banned from a Private Channel, Staff Members will not override this.

Remember, it is assumed that you have read and understood these Rules. Your access to the community TS is dependent on you accepting and abiding by these Rules. Any questions you have about these Rules may be directed to any member of Staff. Community Management may update these Rules. Reasonable notice will be given when this happens. Sanctions for violations are at the discretion of the Staff Member who is dealing with them. Sanctions include noted warnings, server kicks and server bans. You will be told the reason why a sanction has been applied. If you are unhappy with the sanction applied, a complaint may be made to Fatal (Director) or the Discipline Officer.

If you observe any violations of these rules, please inform a member of Staff. Do not try to deal with violations by yourself.


Apollo Gaming Management Team