DjInsomnia (Daniel)


Hello all, I am Daniel Ely aka Djinsomnia, I'm 25. I alongside Fatal own Apollo Gaming Community. I have been gaming on various platforms for a few years - not nearly as many as Fatal but it has given me all the experience i need to keep this place afloat. I am currently working my up through the TMP ranks, i am currently support and working towards higher ranks. I am also a supervisor for Flagship Events. Of course i cannot forget Fabrice of Get-Gaming, because without him i doubt we would be where we are today.

Fatal (James)


Well I'm James 'Fatal' Scully I'm 27 and I apparently co-direct this community I'm not sure when I signed up for it but I've given it a go. Been gaming on the PC for around 12 years attended and worked at Multiplay's/Game's Insomnia LAN played near enough every game you can think of and I'm not bored of it yet. I was a in-game admin for TMP but juggling this community and real life I decided to step back from that and concentrate with this. I'm partly responsible for the staff who are involved within this community and I don't thing I've made a mistake yet as we're still standing.


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