I'm James 'Fatal' Scully, I'm 27 and been a part of Apollo from the very start. Been gaming on the PC for over a decade attended and worked at Multiplay's/Game's Insomnia LAN played near enough every game you can think of and I'm not bored of it yet. I was a in-game admin for TMP but juggling this community and real life I decided to step back from that and concentrate with this. With the help of our past director Djinsomnia and the amazing staff listed below we have somehow created this amazing group of gamers who share the same passion of a toxic free community.



Community Manager
Head of Human Resources

Hey I'm Minxiee A.K.A Emma. I'm a manager of this community and have been a part of Apollo since November 2015. Been gaming on PC since I was around 14. I love being apart of this community as it's very friendly, has alot of great members and love working alongside my amazing team. I play an assortment of games and there's not many games I don't have so feel free to message me if you want to play anything. I manage the Teamspeak staff to ensure it all goes smoothly and everyone has a pleasant time.


Community Manager
Head of Social Media

Hi I'm Random_Thought and I'm the Head of Social Media here at Apollo Gaming. My name relates to my personality pretty well and you're guaranteed not to have a dull moment with me around. One thing I do love about this community is the family feel it has everyone is friendly to one another and I'm proud to be a part of it.


Community Manager
TS3 Developer

Hello, my name is Chris Carr I am from Rutland, England. I am currently a Manager and Teamspeak Developer for Apollo Gaming Community. I have been a member of Apollo Gaming since its inception even taking the credit for naming our fantastic community in 2016. I currently work in Finance within education which takes up a large amount of my time. Due to my busy work and life commitments I am not often seen in the public areas of the Teamspeak however I am often working in the background keeping things ticking over and initiating new initiatives for the community ensuring we continue to move forward and grow.


Community Manager
Administrative Clerk

Hello! I’m Chris. I’m 20 and I come from Dundee, Scotland. I’ve been with Apollo since its inception and I played active roles in our predecessor communities. In real life, I’m a law student, so I deal with all the official publications for the community. In terms of games, I spend most of my time playing Train Simulator 17 and GTA V


Community Manager
Head of Media

Hey there! I go by the name of Louie G but within the real world i'm known as Kieren. I am 21 years of age and one of the Manager's here of this fine establishment. Started gaming since I could figure out how my thumbs work, to this day I am still bewildered on it's use, but find it has a great purpose for typing and obtaining the use of a mouse. Apollo is ran by it's Staff team, for which we run a tight-ship, this community would not be where we are without that cohesion.



Hi my name is Olympia and I’m a Admin for Apollo Gaming. I joined Apollo in December 2014 shortly after Apollo had begun and started off solely playing Euro Truck, but generally I play games such as League of Legends, Garry’s Mod and Grand Theft Auto. I love listening to Kpop and watching Kdrama and I also love oriental cuisine. I’m also mad as a hatter so be prepared for anything when I’m online!


Senior Admin
VTC Manager

Hello, My name is Riddle, I'm 21 and my role here at Apollo Gaming consists of 3 areas. My main role is the VTC Manager where I am in charge of a large part of the members within Apollo Gaming. This takes alot of my free time to run alongside my Aussie counterpart. My second role here is Community Admin, This is where i assist in the day to day community things. My third role at Apollo is Web Developer. I manage the entire website/forums area of our community, need assistance with anything, come find me.



I'm Dominique aka Dutch-Wave. I'm 28 years old from the netherlands I'm proud to be Admin of Apollo Gaming Community, helping out people with questions. I play ETS2/ATS GTA V Diablo 3 and more. I also play with other members. I'm proud to be a Apollo member.

The Welsh Vader


I'm Gareth 'The Welsh Vader', I'm 23 and I'm an admin on the Apollo Gaming TeamSpeak. I also drive for Apollo Logistics and I am a convoy control member. I first joined Apollo back in November 2015 and have been a member of the community ever since. I joined Apollo Gaming because I knew some of the community members and they greeted me with open arms when I returned. You will usually find me playing Eurotruck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator; I also play other games such as, Grand Theft Auto V, Arma III and Garry’s Mod.



I`m Ilona also known as Opatuktuk. I`m 35 years old from the netherlands and I am Admin of this community, helping out people with questions amonst other things. Since I joined Apollo I play ETS2/ATS which is fun, I also play GTA and gaming with other members and I'm really proud to be a Apollo member.

Former Staff
Name Position
Djinsomnia Director
Daniel2105 Admin
MysteriousKaz Admin